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Battling counterfeiters with the blockchain

For any manufacturer, the supply chain is a crucial operation. Manufacturers need to know where their supplies are coming from and how they fit into the various stages of the manufacturing process. Increasingly, outside entities are also interested in the origins of a company’s supplies or where and when an item was manufactured — from consumers interested in buying goods that are environmentally friendly or non-exploitive to government entities enforcing standards. (Written on behalf of Adrian Clarke, founder of Evident Proof, which uses blockchain technology to bring "trusted, distributed consensus" to supply chain management.)

Nuggets: Companies are fooling consumers into giving up their data » PaymentEye

With the compliance deadline for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) set to come into force across Europe in May 2018, the rights of consumers to dictate how companies store and utilise their data are set to be strengthened. Yet while the consumer rights ethos of GDPR should be commended, I believe it is out of date before it has even come into being. (Written on behalf of Alastair Johnson, CEO and Founder of Nuggets, a blockchain-based e-commerce payments and ID platform.)