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Airbus reaches new heights with the help of Microsoft mixed reality technology

Mixed reality takes digital information beyond two-dimensional screens to a three-dimensional experience by using holograms, which are images made of light and sound. Microsoft’s HoloLens headset is a culmination of breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI), hardware design and mixed reality development. It allows people to interact with holograms in physical space, meaning that they can view and manipulate holographic images on their own in the air or in combination with real physical obje

Starbucks turns to technology to brew up a more personal connection with its customers

Walk into a Starbucks store anywhere in the world and you’ll encounter a similar sight: coffee beans grinding, espresso shots being pulled and customers talking to baristas while their coffee order is hand-crafted. The process may look like a simple everyday scene, but it is carefully orchestrated to serve Starbucks’ more than 100 million weekly customers. With the help of Microsoft, Starbucks is creating an even more personal, seamless customer experience in its stores by implementing advanced technologies, ranging from cloud computing to blockchain.

The simmering battle over short-term rentals

The short-term rental industry is booming, with no end in sight. The growth of this industry happened quickly; Airbnb, the major player in the short-term rental space, was founded only 10 years ago. This rapid growth has caught many communities unawares. As governments struggle with how to regulate short-term rentals, short-term rental operators, rental platforms, neighborhood activists, tourism promoters, the hospitality industry, and others chime in with their perspectives.