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Azure Arc helps companies get a handle on hybrid IT management

Last year, Microsoft enabled customers to simplify hybrid management with Azure Arc, a bridge to help companies run Azure services across environments and clouds, while maintaining consistent management and security. Businesses that have adopted Azure Arc have realized real-life advantages in development, deployment and ongoing management that are helping organizations focus on their core missions.

5 Women CEOs Changing Portland Business Culture

Women are still underrepresented in the top tiers of Portland business, but their numbers are growing, especially in the notoriously male technology industry. Many of the women making it into the CEO club are focusing not only on the success of their companies, but on redefining local business culture to support the success of women and other underrepresented groups in the Portland business world. Here are five women leaders who are striving to redefine Portland’s business community. Named CEO

Battling counterfeiters with the blockchain

For any manufacturer, the supply chain is a crucial operation. Manufacturers need to know where their supplies are coming from and how they fit into the various stages of the manufacturing process. Increasingly, outside entities are also interested in the origins of a company’s supplies or where and when an item was manufactured — from consumers interested in buying goods that are environmentally friendly or non-exploitive to government entities enforcing standards. (Written on behalf of Adrian Clarke, founder of Evident Proof, which uses blockchain technology to bring "trusted, distributed consensus" to supply chain management.)

Cities turning to technology to enforce Airbnb rules

The regulation of short-term rentals is a hot topic in cities across the United States. As the popularity of online short-term rental platforms such as Airbnb, VRBO, and HomeAway has grown, conflicts have increased as well — with disgruntled neighbors objecting to vacation party houses, the hotel industry seeking a level playing field, and cities looking to reap tax revenues. Operating a short-term rental business was once as simple as putting up a listing online. Now, an increasing number of c

Software help for managing your Airbnb

Managing a successful short-term rental requires hosts to wear many hats — entrepreneur, concierge, accountant, tax expert, reservations agent, staff manager, designer, web master, and more. It’s a lot to take on, especially for short-term rental hosts with busy bookings or more than one property. Luckily, busy hosts can get technological help with many of the tasks associated with running a short-term rental. Here are some features to look for when considering short-term rental software.